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Technology Development

Technology Development

High-performance Materials with Good Growth Potential

TILOP, High-purity titanium, SiO(Silicon Monoxide) and titanium powder use titanium and polycrystalline silicon, which are our major businesses, and offer significant possibilities and promise.

Capitalizing on our strength of "Excellence in Quality and Quality Control," we are focusing our efforts on developing new applications and new products targeting growing markets such as semiconductors, liquid crystals, solar cells and lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.


High-performance Materials with Good Growth Potential

Introduction to TILOP

Low oxygen titanium powder (registered trademark "TILOP") manufactured by the gas atomization method offers excellent fluidity due to its spherical shape, and is used as a raw material of target for liquid crystal and as a material use in metal injection molding (MIM).
"TILOP" is also suitable for use with 3D printers, and there are expectations for expanding its application as a material for manufacturing medical or aircraft parts.

Achieving Further Improvements in the Quality of High-Purity Titanium

In addition to titanium sponge for mill products,we produce high-purity titanium.

Our high-purity titanium, with purity levels of 4N5 (99.995%) and 5N (99.999%), is mainly used for manufacturing high-purity titanium sputtering targets utilized in the semiconductor industry.

As one of the few high-purity titanium manufacturers in the world, we will continuously develop our technologies and respond to demand for higher quality.

Expanding Applications of SiO(Silicon Monoxide)

Membranes which are vapor-deposited with SiO exhibit excellent barrier properties preventing the permeation of water vapor and oxygen. It is on this basis that SiO is used for making gas barrier packaging films.

Our high-quality SiO already has a proven track record as a barrier material for food packaging and commands the largest share of the industry market. The range of uses of SiO is expanding, such as in solar cell back sheets, where even greater barrier properties are required, and as industrial packaging.

Dramatic growth is also expected in its use in negative electrodes of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

We have posi tioned SiO as the most important material for next-generation negative electrode materials. In order to commercialize SiO, we are undergoing assessments by our customers (battery manufacturers) and conducting research and development.

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