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Summary of business

Our products ― titanium, and high-perfermance materials are expanding their uses in many industrial fields.

Introduction to OSAKA Titanium technologies

OSAKA Titanium technologies' predecessor, Osaka Titanium Co., Ltd., became Japan' s first successful industrialized titanium company in 1952 and remains the country's pioneer in titanium sponge production. Since 1960, we have also been manufacturing polycrystalline silicon. The Company has continued to produce materials -- titanium and polycrystalline silicon -- that support modern society. We fulfill this role by supplying high-purity and high-quality products, primarily to the aerospace and electronics industries.

In recent years, the range of titanium applications has expanded significantly. OSAKA Titanium technologies aims to maximize the potential of these materials in applications from large-scale infrastructure to daily necessities: aircraft and automobiles that feature an increasingly high degree of functionality and lightweight structures; LNG plants which produce liquid natural gas which are low carbon Clean energy; seawater desalination plants whose needs are expanding globally to solve water resource issues; semiconductors that support the electronics industry; digital home appliances that penetrate every aspect of our daily lives; and leisure and sporting goods.

In addition, we are focusing on the production and development of high-performance materials.

In order to realize the society's aspiration for a more abundant, faster and safer society, as their top manufacturer, we will continuously strive to bring out the inexhaustible potential of titanium and polycrystalline silicon.

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